Harry Potter 20th Anniversary 

Happy 20th Harry Potter Anniversary ⚡️⚡️
To be honest, I find out about the anniversary through several posts of other harry potter lovers in instagram. I know i’m a bit late but my love for harry potter is true still !! :p

I fell in love with stories and words even when I haven’t been able to read. I begged my mom and dad to tell me bedtime stories most nights (if not every night). 

When I finally learn to read, I read all the time! 🤓

One time my dad introduced me to this magical story of Harry Potter. and I fell in love! I read it once in Bahasa Indonesia and twice more in English. I watch the movie over and over again. 

Last year, I finally got a chance to visit the wizarding world of Harry Potter. It was literally a dream come true ❤️❤️ 

The place was amazing and I would love to visit again. I’ve post about the wizarding world of harry potter in the blog last year. Go read it here if you haven’t :p 

The story of Harry Potter is very well written by the talented J.K. Rowling. We all probably know the history of how it got rejected several times before finally being published and become one of the most popular stories in the world!

But that’s not just why Harry Potter is a great (collection of) books. For me, it has a lot of sentimental values. The characters are so real and in every steps of journey I could imagine myself being one of them.

Funny fact, the first time I cried when reading a book is when Dumbledore died (SPOILER ALERT though I’m pretty sure you all have know that already). 

Now a random fact, I am a true hufflepuff! I got sorted to hufflepuff in Pottermore website too (a few years back) but am just planning to re activate my profile in the new pottermore website sometime during this winter holiday.

Anyway, In the end, what I’m tributing for Harry Potter 20th anniversary is….

20 of Harry Potter related pictures! 🙂 #20for20

i will post them in instagram 😝 so go check out

@isneezetoo or my personal instagram, @natashaingelia

sneeze below!

1. are you a potterhead too?? which book is your favorite? what’s your house? 

2. what did you do to celebrate 20th anniversary of HP? 

lots of sneezes,


sneeze here!

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