Vivid Sydney 2017 || My Sydney Sneezes

It has been a week since the end of Vivid Sydney 2017 and over two weeks since my “quest” in conquering Vivid Sydney but the magical feeling still lingers in my heart!

I know it’s late and I don’t have a better excuse except the buzz of exam week and the excitement of just getting back home but here’s some tips from my own trial and errors in exploring vivid sydney.


first and upmost tips is follow the signs! they’re there to help you! I learnt this the hard way (that includes a long walk after being prohibited to enter botanical garden from the “exit”, missing out the exhibition, and walking in a dark creepy road)


check out the exhibitions BEFORE you’re there. that way, you won’t be missing out (and regret it after when you see the whole lot of post of #vividsydney2017)


you could even go further and make a plan! here’s a plan i came out AFTER I walk through everything (uneffectively) 
for one day :

17.00-17.30 Vivid in Chatswood 

17.30-18.00 train to Town hall

18.00-18.30 Darling harbour 

18.30 – 18.50 walk to barangaroo

18.50 – 19.20 Barangaroo

19.20 – 20.00 walk to Martin’s place

20.00-20.30 Martin’s place 

20.30-20.50 walk to The Rocks (passing loftus lane, etc)

20.50 – 22.00 The Rocks

22.00 – 22.15 Sydney Opera House 

22.15 – 23.00 Botanical garden
Note that this is IDEALLY and will be very tight. this works if you’re ready to walk fast, take a photo fast and just have a day to explore everything
if you have more days, you could spend a day specially for circular quay area and city area and chatswood and even Taroonga Zoo!

Vivid Sydney is a very magical event (at least for me)

if you’re not sure, look at the photos and be rest asured :p

that’s all for now..

see yaa! 

honestly, i’m in the middle of learning more abiut wordpres and am struggling to improve isneezetoo! so bear with me, okay? 😉

love and sneezes,



sneeze here!

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