My Easter Story || The Man I Love

Hello and Happy Easter lovely peeps!

Honestly, this long weekend has passed me by like a wind! I had so much to do (assignment due dates, practices, and church activities)

But right now, I finally get a chance to lay down (literally) and well, write.

Since today is Easter day, I’m going to write about a man I love. 

His name is Jesus
He is no ordinary man, he is The Man.

why? because He is a perfect man. and also because He is a perfect God.

I’ve known Jesus ever since I could remember. But lately, I began thinking about Him more. deeper. And, God do I want to be with Him more. closer. 

So I find out more about Him. more and more. from the book written about Him called The Bible, and also from talking to people who know Him. The more I know about Him, the deeper I fall in love with Him

I talk to Him too. a lot. I talk to Him at the beginning and the end of day. I talk to Him in between. He is always there to listen 

Sometimes, it does feel hard to understand Him, because sometimes He doesn’t answer with words of mouth. He answered me with different ways I sometimes did not notice. 

But when I think about it, He does answered me. He answered me with relieve, He answered me with patience, He answered me with calmness, He answered me with confidence, He answered me through people, He answered me through His creation.

okay, you guys probably have lost me there, so I’m going to end it here… (although really, I have so much more things to talk about Him)

the point is , what i want to tell you is… (at least for now)

I love Him 

and I want you guys to love Him too.

yup, I won’t be jealous. I promise :p

I’d be happy if you know Him too. I’d be happy if you love Him too

why? well, it’s hard to explain… because usually you get jealous if the one you love interact or is loved by someone else.

but take my word, When you love someone this much, if you ever love someone this much.. You’ll want Him to be loved by everyone. 

if you don’t believe me? try knowing Him 

you’ll fall in love ❤
once again,

Happy Easter!


sneeze here!

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