Chinese New Year in Sydney 2017

THIS IS A SUPER LATE POST and I am utterly sorry for that. 

Honestly, I was just scrolling through my gallery and bump into these pictures from my chinese new year here.


here’s my chinese new year dinner

made by my lovely aunt.

It was delicious indeed but usually in Semarang (where I normally spent my chinese new year) there are like, ten kinds of food or even more.

There I usually get together with the whole family (from my father’s side) but here it was just a simple me, aunty, uncle, and their two child.

There I usually got more than ten angpau (you know the red thing filled with money *hatchi!) but here I only got two.

There we usually saw or light a firework, but here the nights were quiet.

Nevertheless, I’m thankful. I still got to be with family and that’s the point of chinese new year, right?

In addition! I went to circular quay with my friends and saw beautiful chinese zodiac statues (?) or whatever it was called

for you who has no idea what they are, here’s some excerpt (although I am in no means an expert in this)

So in chinese culture there are 12 shio or zodiac. One for every year (therefore, the cycle will repeat every twelve years and mind blowingly! you will be in the year of your own shio only when you were born, when you’re twelve, twenty four, thirty six, forty eight, and so fore)

anyway, there are twelve zodiac 

Rooster (which is this year)











ta daa that’s all

sneeze below!

1. guess my chinese zodiac sign!

2. what’s your chinese zodiac sign?


sneeze here!

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