Balmoral Beach || My Sydney Sneezes

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of beaches, but this beach is no ordinary beach!

I went there with my friends and after a longtrip  with train and bus, we got there.

The fish and chips is delicious (better than the one in bondi, i must say). We scroll through, taking picture in the iconic place there (photos below) and sit down in the shades

while my friends play in the water, I sit there in the february sun (yep i went there last week or two weeks ago) and just think how wonderful the world is.

I guess you must see it for yourself, but hopefully this pictures could give you a hint

The Boat House is a pretty brunch cafe and people say is a must try, however when we got there, it was closed already 😦 so I didn’t got a chance to try it.

I do try Blue Caboose, a mediteranian restaurant several bus stops from there. I like the taste and the sauces but the portion is tiny and the price quite high.

After that we went to woolies and bought some other food :p

All in all it was a great day and another great place to add in Sydney to visit list 

sneeze below!

1. have you ever been to a mediterranian restaurant? do you like it?


sneeze here!

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