New Year 2017 Story 

New year has always been a celebration, each countries which its own form of celebration.

Since this is my first new year in Sydney, I wanted to go see the fireworks live, either in circular quay or mrs. macquarie’s chair or other points. 

However, with all the confusion and doubts and last moment plans, it all fell apart.

I ended up passing new year at home (at my aunt’s home actually) with my aunt, uncle, and two of my cousins.

I thought this time it’s going to be bland and boring. But apparently, I’m worrying over nothing. True we just watch fireworks in the television while sipping the nice old hot chocolate, but it was not half bad. It felt like home and the spirit of new year is not absent at all.

In fact, we cheered together and clapped our hands as if we’re present in midst of the grand celebration. and we are actually, in our own celebration.

And today I must say I’m glad, because my first new year in Sydney, I spent with people I love and who love me ❤ I spent it wih family.

I also did a video call with my family in Bandung, who then is still in another year! 😂

While I’d absolutely go see fireworks live someday (no pressure then, I do still have several years here in Sydney). I’m thankful that this year, the spirit of new year is still inside me and although people said resolutions are bullshit, I still make one for myself.

Because even if it turns out completely undone, at least I got a chance to reflect on the last year and am hoping for better life. And what’s new year without new resolutions?

So here’s my resolution this year.


(Last year was determination)

I want to be more excited over everything, to be constantly passionate in doing and learning, to try and explore new things.m, and to always be positive.

so sneeze below 

1. How do you spent your new year’s eve?

2. what’s your new year resolutions?
lots of sneezes,



sneeze here!

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