for 2016!! || Day 9 #9sneezesofgratitude

In the last day of 2016! I want to be grateful for all that has happened this year

this year’s highlight :

Bali trip with my friends

high school graduation

prom night ❤ (#bmcoachella)

trip to korea 

working as part of Ultimate event organizer

my farewell party (and literally every moment with them should be highlighted)

trip to Japan

my visit to wizarding world of harry potter!!

a surprise for my birthday

working at tupai coklat

farewell with my family in bandung

the trip to sydney

the start of my study life in macquarie 

climbing the harbor bridge!

visiting kiama wih my cousins

meeting new group of friends and exploring sydney with them

a special someone
2016 is full of sad farewells but a farewell is more like a promise of meeting again. and we will meet again in the next year! or perhaps someday.

It’s an end and a beginning
Thankyou 2016. and goodbye 🙂


sneeze here!

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