for My Teachers || Day eight #9sneezesofgratitude

How long have I been studying in school so far? right, almost 15 years now. which means within around 80% of my life, I am being guided by teachers.

So today I am grateful for them. 

True, not all teachers are good but being a teacher is hard work and it is more than a job really.

Just take awhile to imagine being in your teacher’s shoes. Teaching rebels like you! *hatchi

Anyway, although i am grateful to all of them, Some teachers leave a mark not only in my brain but also in my heart and life.

So I want to say thankyou for those specific teachers.

I am thankful for a teacher in my elementary school who got so close to me and is still caring even after I graduate.

I am thankful for my extra course teacher (with the same name as mine) who hold on to me when I hated her until I love her like my own sister.

I am thankful for my headmaster who still remember each students that gone through her watch.

I am thankful for the best math teacher who makes math so understandable.

I am thankful for two of the (too) kind teachers (strangely with same name) who makes my high school life a little less scary.

and lastly though so far from least,

I am thankful for my school council counselor who protected us and defended us. He trusted me when I didn’t even believe I could, he asked for my opinion and makes me feel like I matter. I am eternally grateful.

In the end, that’s really all I could say, Thankyou.



sneeze here!

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