for Christmas || Day 3 #9sneezesofgratitude

It’s Christmas dayy!!! and it is clear isn’t it what would I (nay, the world!) be thankful for today! 

Christmas is a special day. and today (i know it sounds weird) i’m thankful for this day. Just the existence of it and how it brings joy to the world, no matter what the religion or country is.

Because you just cannot not be excited about christmas! the beautiful decorations, the presents, the music, and just the magical feeling hanging in the air 

even though it’s boiling hot here in Sydney and the image of santa using huge coat is just unreal here, the christmas spirit is totally still present.

For me, Christmas always brings somewhat a gracious feeling. It’s a time for reconciliation both with others and ourselves. It’s time for forgiveness and bliss.

My saviour is born today bringing with Him a salvation for me and just that itself is a blessing. but more than that, He bless me further every single moment and help me get through everything to yet another christmas

I’m grateful for His mercy and His love because by Him only am I able to live to this beautiful day 

and to Him only shall I be grateful ❤😉
Merry Christmas everyone 🙂 thankyou for reading my blog and I hope it gives you sneezes of happiness 😉❤


sneeze here!

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