for Friends || Day 2 #9sneezesofgratitude

Today I’m thankful for a lot and lot and lot of people. I’m thankful for my friends.

I don’t know how to start expressing my gratitude for them, but I guess I’ll start with this group of super girls who has been my bestfriend for what feels like forever

We don’t started as bestfriends, some of us are not even familiar to each other before, but somehow we ended up together, and once we did it doesn’t even make any sense that we did not become bestfriends in the past.

With them, it’s not only being weird together, joking around, laughing our asses of and doing crazy somewhat childish stuff together but also talking deep and discussing topics we don’t always agree on. 

they understand me and accept me for who I am but also push me to become better and honestly correcting my mistakes. which is why if talking about them, it’s really a neverending gratitude. 

I could talk about them specifically but it surely will become one long post so maybe it’s something to tell on another sneeze ❤

Today I’m not only thankful for them, but also my other friends

She who has been my friend for more than half of my life, who have always been kind to me and even though we rarely talk anymore.. and maybe we’re not so similar anymore, i still love you and adore you. 

She who since the first time has always felt like a bestfriend to me, whom I could always be comfortable with even if we don’t see each other often

He who is a friend to me and who still is even when I didn’t feel the same way as he did. whom i can be myself with and who even sent me away and bring me my favorite drink (even though he forgot to actually give it to me)

He who started of as a junior but ended up being a partner, who is so similar to me both in ways of thinking and interest. Who will be living the dreams that for me could only be dreams.

And specifically this year (more like this past two months) i’m grateful for my new group of friends. They truly are the answer to my prayers.

When I know I’m going to study abroad, one of my biggest fear is in not having friends. I’m never very good at socializing and am very awkward at times. So I pray for good friends. And God answer my prayers

In fact, the first time I landed in Sydney, I met a very lovely girl who is in the same program as me. 

And then He blessed me with more and more friends. In only two months, this friendship has grow deeper and really, all the time spent together passed by so fast because we were having fun!

It is only the beginning and who knows what will happen but I am very grateful for them (for you, if you’re reading this) 

So today I am grateful for my friends. they come in different shape and size but they all have a special place in my heart ❤ 



sneeze here!

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