for Family || Day 1 #9sneezesofgratitude

To start I’ll firstly explain the #9sneezesofgratitude

This idea came as the year come to an end and I am left feeling blank. Here I am near the finish line of 2016 with so many things happening and the seemingly nasty world right now.

But what can I do about that? to fix this year? I can’t really.. at least not now, not with only few days left ’till new year

So I decided to find beauty instead, to find lights and warmth that certainly is not rare once we actually think positively. 

And the first sneeze of gratitude is for my family. Because they’re family and they come first.

I have a beautiful family of five. My lovely parents, my younger sister and brother and myself. 

I want to be grateful for them not because they’re perfect or anything, in fact, imperfections lays inbetween us all the time and it’s okay. What is a perfect family anyway?

Ofcourse there will be arguments and bad times. but family is always there. 

no matter how busy my mama is, she is always ready to solve the problem and to give me comfort in hard times.

and my papa is more like a friend with the same interest, who is also dependable, patient and kind. 

my sister is a pain in the ass sometimes, but one i could not live without. we had our moments and we will continue having them.

my brother is like a son, I watch him grow and I watch him learn. and his hardship become mine as well as his happiness

I really do love all of them

and I cannot stop feeling grateful for them, this year, years before and years from now until forever 

So today I am grateful for my family. Eventhough we’re apart. and we won’t be celebrating christmas and new year together this year

but we are together at heart ❤


sneeze here!

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