5 Things To Do during Christmas in Sydney || My Sydney Sneezes

Hellooo!! christmas is coming and we could already feel the love around us.

Christmas in Sydney is something else. It is summer here so the weather is hot. But no worries, it is still beautiful!

in fact, here’s some of chrismas must do for you who are in Sydney this time of the year :

1. Go to Martin Place to see the huge Christmas tree. You can send a massage via text on 048 SYD XMAS to the tree and see it go around till the top.

here’s important information from the web

Christmas tree light show -> Every night from 26 November to 24 December (8.30pm to 9.15pm)

Martin Place carols in the city -> Every night from 26 November to 24 December (6pm to 8pm)

2. Go to St Mary’s Cathedral to see the lights show. 

This is an iconic christmas celebration held by St Mary’s every year from 8 ’till 25 December every night from 8.30 ’till 12

The show is only ten minutes long and it will be replayed again and again till midnight πŸ˜‰

come earlier at 7.30 to see the choir tho!

3. see the David Jones christmas themed display. This is located near hyde park so while you go to St Mary’s, make sure to pass by and see the gorgeous display on David Jones

4. Go Christmas Shopping! (obv) Stores everywhere are having christmas discounts and special editions during christmas, and for the ultimate christmas shopping experience. You surely have heard of Boxing Day! every year at the 26th of December. 

5. Enjoy Darling Harbour

Darling harbour usually held fireworks every fortnight but there is fireworks everyday for twelve days ’till christmas along with christmas carols and lights! (from 9 pm)

tips : Go to the side of the bridge near the playground to see the fireworks with the bridge and ferris wheels in the background!

*the photos were taken from the bridge

So that’s the top five things to do in sydney during christmas for me!

what’s yours? sneeze below!

much love, 

and have a sweet christmas for all of you ❀



sneeze here!

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