Featherdale Wildlife Park Sydney || My Sydney Sneezes

I found out that there are three well known zoos in Sydney. Taroonga Zoo, Wildlife Sydney and Featherdale Wildlife Park.

Last Sunday I went there with a group of friends and it was nice. The concept of the zoo is interesting since we kinda get a feeling of walking into the animal’s habitat. 

The zoo was filled with trees and the barriers was actually to be entered rather than as a cage.

The zoo is located in 217 Kildare Road Doonside and from where I lived (in Eastwood) I took the bus to blacktown and then take another bus there.

Do bring your student card to get the student ticket! also bring some snacks since the foods there are quite pricey

All in all I could say that this is a better experience than wildlife sydney and although it’s summer and the weather is hot, with all the trees it’s still bearable.

so sneeze below!

1. have you ever been to featherdale? how was it?

2. which zoos in Sydney do you enjoy the most?

Lots of sneezes,



sneeze here!

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