Sydney Eye Tower || My Sydney Sneezes

Sydney Eye Tower is a 360 degrees sight seeing point located in westfield at the center of Sydney.

Last week I went there with a few friends and got to enjoy the beautiful scenery of sydney ❤️

it was magical. more magical if you’re not afraid of height, but since it’s inside the building it should be okay anyway.

The price was around A$ 26.50 but you should check out their website for special promotions and also maybe buy a cheaper packaged ticket with other sydney attractions.

The view from above took me to perspective personally, everything was just so small from up there and the problems that has been haunting me seems so far away.

Anyway, it was a really great place to see sydney (from above) and I really recommend it! I would love to came back and saw the view at night time too 🤔

check out my next post about wild life zoo

lots of love,

sneeze below!

1. have you ever been to sydney eye tower? how was it?

2. what was the highest spot in your city to sight see?


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