The Grounds of Alexandria || My Sydney Sneezes

It has been almost a month since I first came to sydney. And I finally get to post abother sneeze ☺️ with a few more coming!

Last week i went to The Grounds of Alexandria with my friends and the place is very pretty. It was filled with flowers and decorated very beautifully. 

Words no longer, here’s some of my snaps 😉

as you can see, it brings out the feeling of being in garden! 

We walk around and bought some cakes while waiting for a table in the restaurant. The restaurant itself has a different darker vibe and the foods are remarkable (although a bit pricey with around 18-22 AUD)

I must say the best is (forgive me for being forgetful of the exact name) the seafood pasta, but sadly the picture was blurred 😦

It was all in all a good place to chill (although it is pretty hot in summer 😌)

much love,



sneeze here!

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