The Start of a Journey || Study Abroad Sneezes

It has been quite awhile but many things has been going on in my life!

this post has actually been staying in my drafts for quite awhile now, never ending up being published

i think it’s just the weight of it, the weight of ‘the start’ that freaks me out (and well, now it’s not quite the start right?) but I’m trying to just be less “perfectionist” and actually post just what i want to post

anyway, even though it’s not in the beginning of my journey anymore, it is the first post about my study abroad experience here in Sydney

so.. here goes,

I moved to Sydney for my undergraduate study at 21st of October 2016. I was then enrolled in Intensive Foundation at Macquarie Uni since all international students have to went through foundation or diploma. 

Now, almost four months has passed and I am getting my final result of foundation this Friday! (24th February 2017)

If everything went well, I will continue on to my bachelor degree on the monday (yea! not much of a holiday as a weekend)

I was so excited to be here and to be honest, sometimes i still can’t believe it (other times it just felt right and i can’t even imagine being elsewhere)

Sydney is amazing, as you’ve probably read (if you haven’t please do so :p) I’ve been visiting many interesting places in Sydney and there are still a lot to explore

I’ve met some amazing friends and as I told you before in my #9sneezesofgratitude, I even met a guy

Overall, this beginning of journey has been a blast

I wil surely write some more on the stories, tips, and perhaps some useful suggestions for you about my study abroad experience
see ya later sneezers 
sneeze below!

1. what are you currently studying? are you in high school? uni? or ‘real life’?

2. how are the beginning of your studies?

(finally published at 21st of February)


sneeze here!

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