What to do on a Long Holiday || Sneezes to do

Six months of holiday is like a dream come true isn’t it?? well, it is for me and an unforgettable section of my life. 

I graduated highschool (in Indonesia) on June and begin my college (in Australia) on October. But my holiday actually begin after I finished the national exam which was in April. 

So in total i had almost sven months of free time, minus the graduation preparation, etc. I have a six months holiday!

Here’s what you could do on your long holiday :

1. Learn new things

 learn and discover new things, learn how to drive, learn new languages, have a head start for your future uni courses, learn to cook, learn to play piano. Learning is a way to keep your brain working , the truth is studying is a never ending process. Take this time to learn things that interest you

2. Get a part time job

There are many coffee shops and stores that accept a short term part time job. if you’re lucky you may get paid too! but if not, take it as a learning experience and i’m sure you’ll learn a lot.

3. Watch legendary movies

There are so many good movies in the world but some are just a must!

read my personal reccomendation! 

4. Read more!

you know when you buy books you think was interesting but ended up not reading it because you never seem to have time to. well now you have! read new books and be inspired! not only from books, you could also read blogs, magazine, newspapers, etc.

5. Travel

if you have the budget, this is the perfect time to go on a trip! since it’s not at the usual school holiday season, there aren’t as many tourists 😉

another option is to have a staycation! go to the other part of your city and pretend to be a tourist! who knows, you may discover something new.

6. clean your room (and add some decorations!)

7. Exercise

join a zumba club, register for gym, run in your neighborhood. whatever it is, make sure to exercise so you don’t gain too much holiday weight :p

8. explore your city

okay, this may seem a bit similar to the staycation, but exploring your city means really exploring! go to places you never cisited before, a little cafe you passed by everyday but haven’t got the chance to try, a famous photo spots that has been on countless instagram posts, etc

9. spend time with love ones

seriously, even if you are not in a long holiday, always spent some time with your family and friends! 

10. Do it!

stop making excuse! Do the things you’ve been wanting to do! DO IT

sneeze below :

1. what do you like to do on holidays?

2. when is the longest holiday you’ve ever been in?

lots of love, 



sneeze here!

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