My Sneeze to Japan (6) || Kanazawa

Hey all! i’m sorry it took so long to finish my trip to Japan series, it’s just so many sneezes has been happening recently (like really my nose has been running for a few days now) 

but despite all! here’s it! my sneezes at Kanazawa!

Kanazawa is only around two till two and a half hour trip from Tokyo but it’s very different there, there isn’t much tall buildings and they are near the ocean.

When we arrived at Kanazawa, we went to the tourist information centre and ask about the tourist spots there. He said that there are a few one day or a few hours specific tour at kanazawa (like a tour to samurai district,etc) 

but sadly we didn’t join any tour (although maybe we should’ve ) because we ended up only going to four places.

1. our hotel with their impressively small room but a very nice onsen!

2. Morning Market

Kanazawa is famous for their gold leaf and i found an ice cream with gold leaf and it was just ❤️❤️❤️ (see the description on my instagram @isneezetoo)

at the market we bought the famous japanese peach to be brought home (peach is seriously delicious!) and we also found a specialized oden booth (usually we just bought oden at the convenience store)

3.  a weird beach (which is famous for their sun set but we arrived at night so… yeah)

4. and the park

The park is located in the middle lf city where some people was seen studying or relaxing there. it was beautiful and near the park there is this little cute neighborhood.

we ate at one restaurant there and i must say it must be one of the best food we ate at Japan.

the steak is juicy and tasty, the fish was fresh and the cutest thing is the details! i love how they plate their food with little details like the gold leaf! 

the noodle shaped jelly is something else. it was plain and maybe should be dipped to the honey and a grape flavored crushed jelly.

it was an overall good experience in Kanazawa although sadly, i didn’t get to explore much of the town 

Sneeze below!

1. have you tasted gold leaf before?

2. what is the most beautiful park have you ever visited anywhere?

lots of sneezes,


sneeze here!

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