My Sneezes to Japan (5) || Osaka – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Japan

Yaasss! it’s the wizarding world of Harry Potter!! 

I have wanted to visit the wizarding world of harry potter since forever and finally, i got the chance! 

Wizarding World of Harry Potter is located inside Universal studio. (I literally only visit the harry potter world there and one not so impressive 4d show)

To enter The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, we have to get a time ticket from the central park. The line is crazy but it moved quickly.

There, we’ll get a time ticket to enter Harry Potter World (don’t worry, you could spend the rest of the day there) 

WWoHP is simply magical. it’s a potterhead’s dream come true. They had everything! the castle, hogsmeade, the shops, the train, the car crashed by ron and harry, even the butterbear!! although i didn’t see platform 9 and 3/4

isn’t it magical?

i also bought the hufflepuff robe, scraft and Luna Lovegood’s wand !! it was expensive but i feel like this is one chance i can’t miss

the butterbear is very delicious but don’t choose the ice one (or is it frozen butterbear) anyway, just buy the classic one!

the crowd is annoying but understandable, since it is THE wizarding world of harry potter!

sneeze below!

1. are you a potterhead too?

2. what house are you in? (i’m a hufflepuff !)

lots of sneezes,



sneeze here!

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