My Sneezes to Japan (4) || Osaka – Shinsaibashi and Osaka Castle

Osaka is the biggest city in japan,but sadly we only got to explore shinsaibashi and osaka castle since we spent one day in Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal studio which will be on a separate post (because its a whole new world for me!)

anyway, shinsaibashi is a shopping area in osaka. unfortunately we only got a little time to wander around shinsaibashi. Specifically, we come to Craftholic shinsaibashi. Look how adorable it is!

we ate at a random japanese barbecue and chose the japanese meat. although quite pricey, it was very juicy and tasty indeed! 

Osaka castle is amazingly beautiful. the scenery around the castle itself is breathtaking. You couldn’t expect less from one of the best castle in Japan.

sneeze below!

1. Have you been inside osaka castle before? How was it?

lots of sneezes,


sneeze here!

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