My Sneezes to Japan (3) – Kawaguchiko

Kawaguchiko or Lake Kawaguchi is one of the most beautiful lakes around Mount Fuji. 

The town is small and we were recommended to take the bus pass where we could use all the busses for free in 24 hours. we ended up buying the packaged one with the cable car ride and boat ride.

However due to a simple stupid mistake, we lost almost four hours in Kawaguchiko. We were supposed to ride the Ltd. Express from tokyo to otsuki, and then ride the local train from otsuki to kawaguchiko. But, we missed our stop. we hestitated for a moment and when we get our bagages, the train door (what is the name for a train door ? šŸ™„ )  has closed.

so we missed one stop and the next stop is around 40 minutes away. and then we go down  at the next stop and hop in the wrong train again!

the train we rode were not stopping at otsuki, it stopped at the stop after otsuki instead! so we lost another one hour. luckily at the station, there is a train due straight to kawaguchiko. it takes around two hours to kawaguchiko. and we finally arrived at around 4 pm.

to our surprise, most stores in kawaguchiko are closed at 6 pm. so was the boat ride. we ended up only riding the cable car and visiting several nearly closed souvenir shops. 

the cable car is as amusing as any, with the beautiful sight of the lake. however, the mount fuji was covered with clouds so me cannot actually saw it clearly.

and the worst thing is by the time we’re done, the last bus has left! so we had to walk to the station to get the taxi from there.

but it was sort of a blessing in disguise since we bump into a local food restaurant that served kawaguchiko signature dish, Hoto Fudo, located near the station.

it was delicious!

our hotel, Fuji View Hotel, was huge and beautiful. 

the hotel offers onsen and ofcourse we had to try it! onsen is really something. we actually went to the onsen naked. there are specific rules and everyone actually got inside the pool and everything else in the onsen area naked! 

the onsen is very good and the powder room is amazing. i can’t describe it! i’ll just show you below! (the powder room ofcourse, we are not allowed to take pictures inside the onsen)

all in all, Kawaguchiko is a cute little town, (and maybe a lot more than what i’ve explore) but i guess one time and one day is enough, but visit earlier since most stores are closed at around 6 pm.

sneeze below!

1. have you tried onsen before? tell me your experience!

2. have you ever visit mount fuji area? where is the best place to see mount fuji?
lost of sneezes,


sneeze here!

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