My Sneezes to Japan (2) || Tokyo – Tsukiji fish market , Ueno, Akihabara , Asakusa

1. Tsukiji Fish Market 

Tsukiji fish market is this legendary fish market in Tokyo and it is for a good reason! It was very amusing , and i only got into the outer circle of the market! (because the inner part is closed to public before 10 am if i’m not mistaken) 

i arrived there at 6.30 am and it was not soon enough i think. we wanted to try the Daiwa Sushi (one of the most famous sushi restaurant there) but the line is so long and we decided to try another sushi restaurant instead.

the place is so cramped! but the sushi is nice, i didn’t really like raw foods so i chose the unagi one (some restaurants only sell packaged sushi)

if you’re going to Japan these months, you have to visit Tsukiji fish market because i heard that it will be relocated in the near future. 🙁

2. Ueno

Ueno is a huge area of Tokyo and we visited Ameyoko street (sort of like Takeshita Dori) and just a bit of Ueno Park.

Ameyoko street is just as lively and it’s huge! we find a takoyaki shop there and it was delicious. 

We didn’t get to explore the whole park since it was raining, but ueno park is beautiful.I can imagine how beautiful it would be in sakura season. 

all in all ueno is a nice alternative especially if it’s your second time in Tokyo and have been tired of shibuya. 

3. Akihabara

I have to be honest with ya’ll, i didn’t get to explore akihabara. we jut went there to find don quijote, kinda dept store that has all kinds of things. it also offers a lot of discount and is tax free too.

in our way there we pass by the robot cafe too, but we didn’t eat there. tell me how it was if you go there *wink*

don quijote has everything! like really, from souvenirs, bagages, make up, foods, cosplay costumes, and many more. if you want to shop for souvenirs in one stop, this is the place for you.

4. Asakusa

Asakusa is more like the traditional part of Tokyo. it’s very nice to stroll around in asakusa. but don’t go at night (as we did) because the stores near the Senso-ji Temple are already closed. (so we went to Don Quijote, again)

we went to a kimono photo studio in Asakusa and it was one of the most memorable experience i had in japan. (read it in my later post!)



sneeze here!

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