My Sneezes to Japan (1) || Tokyo – Harajuku Shibuya Shimokitazawa

Tokyo. Tokyo. Tokyo. it’s like you could not get enough of Tokyo, because there are so many places to explore. Even me, spending nearly five days there, have to really allocated my time so i could explore Tokyo (and ofcourse I failed to really follow my perfectionist hope of actually exploring Tokyo to the fullest.

Here’s where I ended up actually going and my sneezes about them 😉

1. Harajuku -Takeshita Dori

Takeshita Dori is the most famous street in harajuku. and for a good reason too. It was so lively there, the stores line up on the sides of this street, you could easily spend your day here without getting bored (in fact, you need one day to really explore all the shops here) 

Ofcourse there’s more in Harajuku than takeshita dori (before i came here i thought Takeshita dori is harajuku) but i ended up only spending my day at takeshita dori.

this is very delicious and trust me, it’s a must try!

purikura is not just a photo box, it’s very fun and cute! you have to try it!

the shops here are very cute and they offer a lot of discounts. some of the things offered here are quite pricey (in comparison to my hometown, Bandung). however, as i later discover, rather than some other shopping area, Takeshita street is actually not so expensive.

what you must do in Takeshita street, Harajuku :

  • try the street foods (especially the chou on my picture above)
  • try purikura! it’s only 400 yen (if i’m not mistaken)
  • take the map in front of the gate, it helps a lot!

2. Shibuya

Shibuya has made quite a reputation with its Shibuya Crossing, the bussiest crossing in Japan, if not the world. and it’s a must visit if you come to Tokyo.

I actually didn’t visit all the malls at shibuy (i think it’s imposibble, like really) I only went to Shibuya 109, Disney store, and Loft.

Shibuya 109 is a mall full of fashion items for women. it’s special for women (and there is now shibuya 109 men, for men, duh)

the disney store is very cute and i think f you’re a disney lover , you have to visit disney store shibuya!

it is a three flight store with adorable decoration and just the cutest disney trinkets ever!

The loft is kinda a DIY store and it has like several floor and is very interesting, but i didn’t get to explore all the things there since i was so tired and my feet is all swelled up.

but my sister did and she said it was full of all sort of things from stationery to make up, but it’s quite pricey too.

Oh! i nearly forgot, for dinner we went to Alice in wonderland Cafe and it was so amazingly concepted. (perhaps i’ll dedicated a special post just for alice)

What you must do in Shibuya :

  • buy cute socks!
  • visit disney store!
  • visit alice in wonderland cafe (or other concept cafe!

3. Shimokitazawa

from what i read online, shimokitazawa is a growing neighborhood near shibuya. i also find that shimokitazawa got featured at as the world’s coolest neighborhoods, so i just got to visit!

sadly i got there a bit late , around 8 i think, and the stores there are mostly closed, but from what i see, shops in shimo are more in vintage fashion side and is very interesting, the area and the shops are very cute and i could imagine how lively it would be if i got there earlier.

i think i didn’t even have to suggest you this but, if you come to tokyo, go to shimokitazawa! 
so harajuku, shibuya, shimokitazawa is all in one area. if you have time you could also visit omotesando and shinjuku which are all in about one area 

in the next post i will tell you about the other places i visit in Tokyo (which are in a different area) see ya there!

sneeze below :

1. what do you think about japan’s fashion?

2. what is your favorite place to shop in tokyo?
love and sneezes,


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