My Sneeze to Japan || Overview of My Trip to Japan 2016

Hey all!

If you follow me on Instagram @isneezetoo , you’ll know that a few days ago I went on a trip to Japan!

if you don’t ,,, FOLLOW ME! 😁

anyway, the trip is from 6-16 th of September and it was great! 

At first, we wanted to go to Tokyo, Kawaguchiko, Osaka, and Hakodate. But due to several reasons, we cross Hakodate from our itinerary and decided to visit Kanazawa instead.

6-10 September 2016 : TOKYO

10-11 September 2016 : KAWAGUCHIKO

11-13 September 2016 : OSAKA

13-14 September 2016 : TOKYO

14-16 September 2016 : KANAZAWA

Get your tissues ready for my sneezes about Japan πŸ˜‰

sneeze below :

1. have you ever visited Japan?

2. did you watched (and enjoy) my live instagram story of my Japan trip? 

lots of sneezes,


sneeze here!

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