I have always want to be Happy. I think to myself that I don’t want to be rich or successful, i just simply want to be happy. I want HAPPINESS

But what is happy? what is happiness?

is it just a feeling? or a condition? do we need to find it? and once we find it, will it stay? or is happiness already here around us? we just have to realize its existence…

what is it like to be happy? 

i remember being happy when I buy things I wanted, and being given things… maybe happiness is owning?

i remember being happy when my brother get excited over something I gave him, i remember being happy when my mom liked my painting and put it on our guest room… maybe happiness is making other happy?

i remember being happy when I win a race, or when I was granted a scholarship for being the top five in my grade… maybe happiness is winning, achieving ?

i remember being happy when I went on a date with a guy i like, when me and my friends laugh our ass off for random things, when my family just sit together and tell stories… maybe happiness is being with someone we love?

i remember being happy watching good movies, reading interesting books, witness something magical or just beautiful… maybe happiness is being touched by beauty?

i remember being happy when i put my make up on and looking in the mirror thinking I’m pretty cute too, when i use a beautiful dress or my favorite outfit… maybe happiness is feeling good about ourselves?

i remember being happy 

but am i feeling happy now?? maybe …?

maybe we could identified happiness when we’re reminiscing, when we actually look for it . maybe it doesn’t have to be anything that makes me feel happy in the past

maybe i could just be happy now. be happy for the fact that i have a blog to write at, a bed to lay on, and a good song playing through my speaker right now.

it’s one thing to be perfectly happy. and another thing to be happy perfectly

maybe we could just be happy. right now.


sneeze here!

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