Picnic Party || My Farewell Sneeze

A few days ago, at the third of september, I arranged a picnic farewell party with my friends. 

Me and my friends just graduated highschool and are heading to uni. I will be going to Sydney on October but two of my friends will be going in the next week. Hence the early farewell party.

For the farewell party I decided to arranged a picnic because I think picnic is an activity you have to experienced at least once in your life! and it’s so much fun too!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own picnic party!

  1. a carpet or ‘base’ 
  2. a picnic basket (or two)
  3. decorations (according to your theme)
  4. a small table 
  5. foods
  6.  drinks

what I did :

  1. I used a carpet as the base and bedcover and fabric I have at home as the base (free)
  2. I bought it at Cibadak (a kinda road in Bandung with many shop selling cheap things) for IDR 75.000 and the smaller one without a handle for IDR 60.000 . actually there are cheaper ones (like only IDR 20.000-30.000) but they are bad in quality (ofcourse like myparents always said “ada harga ada barang”)
  3. I also bought it at Cibadak , the triangular ones IDR 10.000 each (so 3 x 10.000 = IDR 30.000) and the circular ones a total of IDR 80.000 for 3 big ones and 3 small ones. I also bring a box I had at home (multifungsional as a storage too *hatchi)
  4. a small portable table like that is unexpectedly very inexpensive. I got it at Cibadak for only IDR 25.000 and then i just cover it with a piece of fabric like blanket.
  5. the foods are sandwich (from Jim’s Sandwich) for IDR 35.000 per portion (two slices), sliced mango and just random crispy martabak I have at home and my friend brought a homemade jelly ❀️ 
  6. For the drinks I brought a mineral water from home and made two kinds of homemade drink. The first one is the classic cold chocolate, with milo and cocoa powder. the second one is my father’s recipe inspired from Koi, a lemon yakult drink, it was really easy to made, just a pack of yakult and one half of lemon with water. Mixed to this sweet sour drink. (a total of around IDR 15.000-30.000)

and that’s it! ofcourse it was just the basics and ypu could always be creative and adds more bits and bobs ^^ that’s what a picnic party is all about anyway.

oh don’t forget to bring a camera and tripod to capture the moment and also a supporting accesories like sunglasses and straw hats πŸ˜‰

sneeze below!

1. have you ever been to a picnic before? how was it?

2. what is your favourite sandwich? 
lots of sneezes!



sneeze here!

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