My Sneezes to Korea || A summary of My Trip to Korea

Hey sneezers!

Like you’ve probably known, I’ve been writing several posts about my trip to Korea a few months ago (around three months ago actually)

Overall, my trip to Korea with Antavaya Tour and Travel is pleasing and unlike what’ve been rumoured, the foods offered are very delicious and varies too.

Unfortunately, like any other tours program, the time on each spots are quite short but I guess that’s the risk you have to take if you wanted to travel to lots of places.

Both the Antavaya guide and the local tour guide is very nice and friendly.

My overall sneeze for you who are going to korea is …

  1. Buy the make up you want! it’s cheaper there
  2. try many kind of street foods
  3. visit the convenience store
  4. go to kimchi school and take a photo with hanbok

Places must visit :

  1. Nami Island
  2. Myeongdong street

Links to other sneezes to korea :

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My Sneeze To Korea (4) || Myeongdong, Seoul

My Sneeze To Korea (5) || What I ate in Korea


lots of sneezes!



sneeze here!

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