My Sneeze To Korea (5) || What I ate in Korea

Finally! The long awaited post! the foods of Korea.

Korea is also known for their delicious and unique foods. Both the classy ones and the street foods. What amazed me the most is how detailed and thoughtful they are with foods. They have a specific way to eat their foods and It really touched me, how they appreciated foods.

What has been Korea signature is their side dishes, which I have to say is as delicious as the main dishes and they are very generous with it. And in this tour, I could ask for more side dish and even main foods everytime! (I didn’t know if it was because we’re with a tour group or is all korean restaurant is like that)

In this post, I think pictures really talk more than words so… enjoy


samgyetang : first you have to use your chopstick to tear the chicken, inside the chicken there will be this amazingly soft and tasty rice.


Korean Bbq is one of the most famous korean cuisine and this chicken bbq is specially the signature of nami island.


sadly, I didn’t managed to find out several names of dishes *cry*


this is a so called black-pig which is one of the signature dishes from Jeju Island.

side dishes: IMG_1662IMG_1464

street foods :

Really, just try the street foods (buy few of everything!).

There is this one churros at Everland Themed Park that tops all churros I’ve ever ate, IMG_2787

It’s crunchy but also soft and chewy, with the filling inside (reccomended : cream cheese filling). best consumed when warm, and it’s stil very fresh since they cooked it right when we ordered it.

So if you’re going to Everland, try it! (make sure you got this one with a filling inside since there is more than one churros stalls.

And lastly, I really enjoy going to the supermarket when I went abroad… just because I felt like locals when I did *hatchi*

that banana milk is a must if you ever visited Korea! and I recommend (what my friend has recommend to me before), the honey butter chip ! It’s really tasty, even for me, who rarely enjoy chips.
This is the last post about my sneeze to Korea Series, hope you enjoy my sneezes to Korea!

sneeze below!

  1. What is your favourite Korean food?
  2. Where did you search for food if you went abroad?


lots of sneezes!





sneeze here!

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