My Sneeze To Korea (4) || Myeongdong, Seoul

Hello there sneezers! I want to sneeze about the awesome street of Myeongdong , Seoul (which has been pended for a shamefully long time)

Myeongdong is like our beauty-dream come true. It is a street full of make up store and i love it so much!

There are so many korean make up brands and it was cheaper there too. As some of the brands that do come in to indonesia got really expensive. But there, it really was a make up heaven.

My first destination is Aritaum since it was close to where my tour ate. There are several make up brands in Aritaum, like Laniege and Iope.

from Aritaum I just wander to shops along the way. One of the amusing thig I saw in Korean Make up shops are they are very generous in giving samples. Even when we first arrived, They’ll hand us a basket filled with one free product/sample.



Not only make up , but Myeongdong also offers many store of clothing and stationery. For you guys or girls who is not a fan of make up, don’t worry! there are restaurant along the way, and (the best) Korean street food.

However, the food street stalls mostly opened at the afternoon to night. So make sure not to left to early *wink*

unfortunately, we were given just a short time in Myeongdong, certainly not enough to explore all the shops. The shops I went to are Etude House, Missha, The Saem, Aritaum, Tony Moly, Nature Republic, and several other.

A little tips when you went there,

  1. Spend at least half day there
  2. go and try the beauty shops first
  3. then at the afternoon enjoy the street foods
  4. buy the make up you like (while you’re here!) I regret not buying many make up there, and now everytime I visit a korean brand make up shops here in my hometown, I realised that it’s far more expensive here. *cry*
  5. lastly, visit shops with limited edition and interesting collab like Missha! when I was there, they’re having a collab with Line and it was the cutest thing ever!


That’s all about Myeongdong. This street is a must if you’re visiting Seoul !

sneeze below!
1. have you ever been to Myeongdong before? did you managed to explore the whole street?
2. what is you favorite korean make up brand? 

lots of sneezes!




sneeze here!

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