Common Grounds Bandung || My Food Sneezes

Yesterday I went to a store called Opus One in Bandung. Which was filled with the cutest bits and bobs! 

After buying a few things, my friends ate at yoshinoya, but since I’m in the mood for a sweet food, we went to Common Grounds afterwards.

The place is pleasing and the lighting is great. When I came there, the cake are sold out leaving only a new york cheesecake. So I bought a waffle instead, with vanilla ice cream and mix berries.

the plating is beautiful and t’s quite delicious, with a crisp of the waffle on the outside continued with the chewy-soft inside.

It all cost me IDR 50.000 (tax not included), it’s delicious but I won’t order that again if I came back. Just because I’ve tasted better waffles.

The Common Ground’s employees are friendly and helpful. There is a Wi Fi hotspot (you just have to register through email or your social media)

 Toilet is available outside (is a public toilet for customers on shops at that sort of area) However if you just want to wash your hand (as i did before) the waiter kindly let you used the sink near the counter.

   overall, it’s a good place to hang out and to take a photo too! but the foods are quite pricey, especially for a student like me 😉

sneeze below! (comment below)

1. what’s your favorite waffle ?

2. where did you buy it?


sneeze here!

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