My Sneeze To Korea (3) || Nami Island

People said that you’ll fall in love with Nami Island. and although it’s not true for some people, It is for me. Nami Island is so beautiful and so full of meaningful things. from the tunnel filled with notes of love ones. To the road between the tall trees, it’s all just simply beautiful.

I feel like I didn’t spend enough time there and I really need to visit Nami Island again (hopefully with my lover *hatchi!)

So I don’t want to write much about Nami, I’ll just show you the beauty of it through the lens of my humble phone.


My tips on visiting Nami Island are to spend at least 5 hours there to enjoy the sceneries, eat at the cafe, take loads of photo and visit the cutest souvenir shop.

Make sure to see the winter sonata poster and statue (and take a photo there with your loved one) and take a walk through the trees until you see a lake (or is it the sea?) anyway, just walk around the island and take loads and load of pictures!

You could stay at the Island or go there with a ferry. If I’m not mistaken, the last ferry left from Nami Island around 6 pm.

See ya on my next post!

lots of sneezes,



sneeze below! (comment bellow)

1. Did you fall in love with Nami Island too?
2. List the movies you know that took place at Nami Island!





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