This Kind of Nights

You know there are nights when you just feel tired and it’s like you’re running out of energy to live? 

I’ve been having that kind of nights this past few days. and it sucks.

It sucks because I’ve finally thought that I’ve started to succeed in achieving something. I’ve started this blog, I’ve started exercising, I’ve started writing my journals again, I’ve started drinking more water and eat healthier.

But these kind of nights just came up and ruins everything. Leaving me sad and confused yet again.

And the most annoying part is I really thought I’ve been freed from this by doing things and manage my life at least a little more. But apparently it doesn’t work.

These kind of nights just keep haunting me again and again and again.

and it sucks.

I guess there should be a moral lesson to this post or something enlightening, but honestly I don’t have any (I do hope in the future I will)

so that’s why from now on this kind of posts will be categorized in #scrambletsneezes

so yeah,

welcome to the darker part of my sneezes,, and please do comment your experiences or suggestions if you wanted, but really #scramblersneezes are just my place to share my thoughts of something I haven’t really figured out yet too 

good night,


sneeze here!

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