My Sneeze To Korea (2) || Jeju Island

~The plane from Gimpo (Seoul) to Jeju Island took around 1 hour and we soon arrive at the beautiful Jeju.



One thing I really find unique in the airport (and mostly all public places with free drinks) is what they use to take the water there, so instead of a cup they actually use a piece of paper shaped like an envelope or cone.

The tour around Jeju stops at the mysterious road where the bus could move by itself even when the machine is turned off

(which actually could be logically explained, but I won’t spoiler it to yall! just be like me and experience the anxiety and excitement of mysterious road ^^)

at the stop, we encounter the first street food stand (and we may went crazy and buy a few things)

the street foods are fun too see and try (read the details on my what I ate in Korea post!) and we continue the tour with a full tummy.

My mom bought a few orange and the taste is amazing. It is hand down the best orange I’ve ever taste! (which is also one of Jeju’s signature). Both the small size and the huge-weird looking one is sweet and just perfect. IMG_1330

We also visited several places like the trick art museum and ice gallery hello kitty museum, teddy bear museum.

As i am neither a fan hello kitty nor teddy bear i’m not very impressed. It’s nicely decorated and both a cute place to visit if you like them.

The trick art museum was a lot of fun and there are so many photo spot, but I cannot actually said how good it was because I’ve never been to any other trick art museum. But I do enjoy taking pictures there (more if we could have more time there)


We also went to the Seongsan sunrise peak, seonggeup folk village, and cheonjiyeon waterfall, which are all pretty impressive but enough to visit once. We didn’t get to see the waterfall actually since we were tight on schedule, beside they said waterfall in Indonesia are bigger and some more beautiful

(well, who knows ya? 😁🤔)

But the highlight  of Jeju Island is Nanta Show. Honestly, I can’t stop being amazed by them, it’s very enjoyable, funny, and full of amusing stunts. I would really like to get a chance to watch it again.

Since we were not allowed to take pictures or video during the show, these are the photos I took.

Anyway, the trip to Jeju has been pleasant and I would want to visit Jeju again.

Best part of Jeju (for me) :The juicy sour-sweet oranges and Nanta show!

see ya on my next post!

My Sneeze To Korea (3) || Nami Island

much sneezes,

Sneeze below! (Comment below!)

1. have you ever been to Jeju Island? What’s the highlights of your trip?

2. would you want to re-visit Jeju Island?



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