My Sneeze To Korea (1) || Trip from Jakarta to Korea

At the 17th of June, me and my family joined Antavaya tour that left for Korea. It was a quite spontaneous decision because before, we have decided to not go anywhere that school holiday.

But one day we went to Trans Studio Mall (located in Bandung, my hometown)and there is some kind of tour booths that offer discount blablabla, so my parents decided to go! together with my grandma, aunt and cousin too.

The whole thing has been arranged and a few days before, we got the schedule of where we’ll go when we’re in Korea.

and me being me, I re wrote it down (using points instead of pharagraphs)

Day one is nothing, like really, the plane left at  midnight on the 17th from Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Jakarta. So we arrived at the 18th.

It took around 7 hours of flight but time flew as I watch and slept on the plane. Watching movie in the plane is my guilty pleasure, it makes me tired when I arrived because I ended up sleeping less, but I really enjoy it because i don’t feel like wasting my time!

When we arrived at Incheon, I changed my clothes, brushed my teeth and washed my face. It immediately wash away the jet lag (at least it makes me felt fresher)

So i suggest you to bring along clothes, toothbrush and paste and a face soap in your cabin bag if you’re travelling somewhere for more than 4 or 5 hours on air.

We didn’t spent much time in seoul that first day as we immediately went to Jeju Island again at the afternoon. But we did visited the gyeongbok palace and national folklore museum.

The palace is nice but since we arrived at noon, it’s kinda hot. There are several couples and friends taking pictures there with hanbok (the traditional korean clothing) and a soldier uniform. Which made me want to do the same (maybe someday on my honeymoon *hatchi! 😌)

There is a funny (and embarrassing) incident that happened at the museum, so my sister and I were taking picture in one of the exhibition while the rest of the tour are listening to the local tour guide. We posed several times and suddenly we realised that the tour group has moved to that exhibit! so we are being watched by the whole tour as we posed. Sneezingly embarrassing i know 😳

After that we went to eat a ginseng broth chicken rice called samgyetang (which will be featured in detail on my later post) and off we go to Jeju Island.

~Wait for my next sneeze about Korea-JEJU ISLAND! 😁

lots of sneezes

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