My First Sneeze


this is my first sneeze! and since the first one is always important to me, this actually made me nervous. It’s just it will always be the first one, you know? (even if i deleted it, which i swear i would not)

sooo, in this first sneeze i will tell you something meaningful (at least for me) which is, the reason of I SNEEZE TOO.

Here’s the thing, I’ve always loved to read. I love to read and write for as long as I remember, which make me want to make a blog.

When i was younger, about 12 maybe, I made a blog called My Tale Zone. but it doesn’t last long, perhaps because I got busy (yeah, right) but mostly because I do lack in determination.

I tried again a few times after, but I never actually make it. There are just too much to think about, making a free one or paid for a domain, which platform should I use. And even after deciding, i had a hard time to make the blog. because I wanted it to be perfect (i even bought a book about blogging)

and then, one day (two days ago actually), I bump in to a youtube video of Niomi Smart, saying that it is time to start doing things you’ve always wanted to do but never did (that’s not the exact words, but it stuck in my head all day)

I realised, i never did. I wanted to do this perfectly, but i ended up never doing this.

so then, i think to myself it is time to do this! forget perfect, nothing is perfect, we just have to figure it out as we go. and with that spirit, i find this name. “I Sneeze Too”

Everyone sneezes, I sneeze too. People make mistakes, people got sick, people fail. that’s what makes us human and that’s okay. you’re not alone! Everyone sneezes, I sneeze too!
lots of sneezes,



sneeze below (comment below) :

  1. have you ever felt the way I did?
  2. how do you know I SNEEZE TOO?
  3. your blog or instagram (so I could see your sneezes too! *wink*   

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  1. completely agree, nothing is perfect! At least you try now and all i wanna say is good job!
    I know isneezetoo from Instagram and please kindly check my blog 🙂
    Keep going girl!


sneeze here!

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